“… and they lived happily ever after”

The #1 Pardus supporter outside Turkey Mr. Willem Gielen and his beloved fiance Ms. Mahican Emeni are married as of today. The wedding ceremony took place in Rotterdam Museum of Natural History, if I’m not mistaken, and under a bright sunny sky, what looks like. Willem is the founder of the Dutch Pardus Users’ Group, and pardus-linux.nl web site, and Pardus world forum. Mahican is pursuing a career in medicine, as Willem (he indeed does; IT, Linux and Pardus are his hobbies). They both are very lovely personalities and their hospitality is world class, I should add.

I, hereby, unofficially, declare that, the Pardus 2008 Beta1, which has been released today, shall be known as “Willem-Mahican” from now on.

Dear Willem and Mahican, I wish the best for you on behalf of the Pardus core team, developers, and users; and a life full of love and happiness…

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