definitely strikes back: there’s a new Pardus in town…

As a Python fan and the main developer/maintainer of PyKDE, it certainly gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside to see Python, PyQt and PyKDE put to such great use. It is also very impressive to see how such a small team of developers can put together such an impressive distribution. It is a great demonstration of why it is important to choose the right tool for the job. As one of the developers said to me, Pardus would not exist without PyQt and PyKDE.

The task for the future is to see how we, KDE and Pardus, can better work together to share code and make sure that more things can go up stream into KDE. The next major release of Pardus is due in about two weeks, is KDE 4.2 based and is definitely worth checking out. Keep up the good work Pardus!

yazının tümü burada // the article is here

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