Donald Norman: “The Invisible Computer”

Donald A. Norman benim okumayı sevdiğim ve hasbelkader feyz aldığım bir tasarım irdeleyici/İBEci/kullanışlılıkçı/bilişsel psikolog. The Invisible Computer biraz da iş için okuduğum bir kitap ve zevk aldım.

The Invisible Computer

  • “At first, the selling point is the technology and the list of features. At maturity, the selling points require that the attributes of the technology be minimized. The buyers now focus on solutions and convenience, on their experience with the product.” (p. 34)
  • “It is important to distingiush between users and customers; they are not necessarily the same. A good marketing organization understands and exploits these differences.” (p. 45)
  • Contextual Design (p. 184, Figure 9.1)
    1. Talk customers while they work: Provides reliable knowledge about what customers actually do anf what they care about
    2. Interpret the data in a cross-functional team: Creates a shared perspective of the data
    3. Consolidate data across multiple customers: Creates a single statement of work practice for your entire customer population
    4. Invent solutions grounded in user work practice: Provides a way to imagine and develop better ways to work
    5. Structure the system to support the new work practice: Represents the system for planning, UI design, and specification
    6. Iteration with customer through paper mockups: Provides early verification of design before any ideas are committed to code
    7. Design the object model or code structure for implementation: Defines the implementation architecture and ensures support of work structure
  • Six Disciplines of User Experience (pp. 189-191)
    • Field studies
    • Behavioral designers
    • Model builders and rapid prototypers
    • User testers
    • Graphical and industrial designers
    • Technical writers

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