Pardus Welcomes GSoC Students…

From our beloved Çağlar’s blog:

The Pardus Project is pleased to announce that Google has agreed to sponsor five student slots.

Congratulations, and welcome to the Pardus community! We are looking forward to the successful completion of the following interesting projects:

  • A System Restore Project for Pardus
    by Mehmet Ozan Kabak, mentored by Gökmen GÖKSEL
  • Pardus CD/DVD/USB Distribution Wizard
    by Türker Sezer, mentored by S.Çağlar Onur
  • Internet Connection Share Module
    by Cihangir Beşiktaş, mentored by Pınar Yanardağ
  • 802.1x support for network manager
    by İşbaran Akçayır, mentored by Gökçen Eraslan
  • PISI – Package Signing Mechanism
    by Serdar DALGIC, mentored by Faik Yalçın Uygur

Student projects will be worked on roughly full time (~40 hours/week) between May 26th and August 18th.

A hearthly welcome to the “maginificent five” from me as well… Hope you will each become a-heck-of-a-free-software-developer by late August!

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