Pardus projects in the Google Summer of Code

Today we have received great news via dear Faik:


Your organization “Pardus project” has been accepted in to the Google
Summer of Code(tm) 2008. You have been assigned as primary point of
contact and as an administrator for your organization.

Please make sure you review the information we have on your
organization and about you by logging in to the Google Summer of
Code(tm) 2008 web application at You can then visit to make any updates to your
organization profile. Make sure you are logged in using your Google


– Your friendly Google Summer of Code administrators

This is our second application for GSoC; alas, our first attempt was not succesful. I was not very optimistic about this one neither, and told so to my colleages just yesterday. I’m very happy to turn out to be wrong, and my heartly kudos to those who prepared the ideas page and the formal application; Faik, Gökçen and Pınar are the ones to get much of the credit.

Now we are waiting for the student applications…

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