off to badajoz!

I’m leaving for Badajoz (here in GoogleEarth) in a couple of hours.

I’ll be doing few things there: First I’ll be on duty for the IDABC Open Source Software Event 2007, where representatives from several EU countries discuss the first results for the Open Source Repository (OSOR) project. Then, I’ll attend the third Free Software World Conference. The main keynote speakers will be Richard Stallman and Miguel de Icaza. I guess they receive lots of heat due to not-so-spectacular publicity and endorsement that GPLv3 drafts are getting and Novell’s recent oh-so-very-close relationship with you-know-who, respectively. I hope to hear and speak a lot about Microsoft’s ISO maneuver for Open Office XML standard as well. The best part, I’ll be able to meet and talk to lots of free software people from all around Europe (or world?). It’s very exciting and fruitful to learn about different perspectives and experiences. Of course, I’ll do some Pardus advertising 😉

Finally, as time permits, I’ll enjoy the nice town of Badajoz, enjoy local wines over tapas (pronounced [TAH-pas] ;-); and of course try to catch up with my to-do list, which becomes longer and longer 🙁

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